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Exhibition of Armenian artist Kristina Oganezz to open in Los Angeles

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An exhibition of works by Armenian artist Kristina Oganezz will open in Los Angeles, the United States. It will be held on February 1-15 in Art 2 art district & gallery, 5464 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036. The official opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place on February 6.

The works of the artist of recent years will be presented to the American public, PR and SMM specialist Roza Grigoryan said on Saturday.

“I am very happy to have an exhibition in Los Angeles for the first time. I will be happy to present my inner world to the public, to hear their opinion about my paintings,” Kristina Oganezz noted.

Incidentally, last year Kristina Oganezz presented her “Bird of the Holy Spirit” art project at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Yerevan. This unique project aims to encourage every Christian to get acquainted with God through the Bible and make the New Testament his table book by reading, studying, and building faith in God.

During the event, the public witnessed not only Armenian birdletters, but also birdnumbers created by Kristina Oganezz. You can watch the short film about the exhibition here.

Kristina Oganezz is a member of the International Union of Artists (Estonia) and an honorary member of the Union of Artists of Armenia.

The Armenian artist has had a solo, group exhibitions in Armenia and abroad. Her works are housed in private, state-museum collections. In particular, one of Oganezz’s works can be found in the Yerevan History Museum.

In 2020 Oganezz was awarded the Frida Kahlo Prize in Milan for her painting – Charles Aznavour’s portrait.

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